Pre-Cut Sandblast Stencil

Design Mart has provided pre-cut stencil since the days of plastic cutting plates back in the 70s. This generation's digitally pre-cut stencils allow unprecedented customization and creativity, and we're here to help you through the creation and cutting process.

Our Studio Is Available For Your Custom Artwork Needs

Design Mart's studio can work from your sketches, rubbings and photos to help recreate damaged monuments or match old designs and lettering. Just email your rubbing or photo to, and we'll be glad to let you know if we can help. (For best results you'll want to photograph the monument straight on. Photos taken at an angle are distorted, and duplications can't be precise.) We can also create unique emblems and flowers to meet almost any need. Just drop us an email at, and we'll be glad to get back in touch with you.

Classic Memorial Design: The McNeel Legacy

Classic Memorial Design: The McNeel Legacy

New Columbaria In Online Designer

Columbaria are here! They're an excellent choice for cremation, and you'll find two new columbaria in your Online Monument Designer. The columbaria can be changed to multiple granite colors, and the door colors can be changed independently of the columbaria. To find the columbaria and begin working with them use your search tool and type one of these words: Columbaria, Columbarium, Cremation, D1545 or D1546.

Merry Christmas From Design Mart


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