Software Warranty & Replacement Plan

Software Warranty:

30 day media guarantee. All disks, CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives are guaranteed for 30 days from date of purchase, and will be replaced at no cost. Anymedia found faulty, damaged or incompatible after 30 days are not eligible for free replacement. Magnetic disks (diskettes), optical disks (CDs and DVDs), and USB flash drives can fail. Wear and exposure to electromagnetic fields (monitors, speakers, etc.) can affect magnetic disks and USB flash drives, and scratches and deterioration of the dye used in CDs and DVDs can cause them to fail without warning.  There are also known compatibility issues due to CD recording speeds, CD manufacturing techniques, changes in drives, and changes in the Windows operating systems that are beyond our control.  CD-Rs are created with a laser heating a dye to form the pits and bands that are the physical equivalent of the magnetic 0s and 1s. CD-RWs are created with a laser melting and re-crystallizing an aluminum alloy to form the pits and bands - and the alloy promptly starts to de-crystallize, taking data with it.  In addition, a combination of CD-RW packet-writing issues have been known to cause problems.  Before ordering replacement CDs, you may wish to try one of the recovery programs such as cdroller at or ISOBuster  Both have a "trial" version that helps determine if anything can be recovered from a CD.

No electronically delivered files are eligible for free replacement at any time. Please take care when downloading, using, and archiving these files.

Software Replacement Plan:

Design Mart's replacement plan offers a convenient and cost-effective replacement of any of your CDs that are lost, damaged or stolen. Most insurance policies cover damage or theft, but if you are uninsured Design Mart is there to help.

This one-time replacement service requires proof of purchase. If you do not have a paid invoice or returned check, Design Mart's staff can search invoices from the past 10 years for you at a cost of $25. If a search using a second company name is required each additional search costs $25. Search fees apply even if no invoice is found.  You may also return your old media if it is faulty - as your proof of purchase.

The Replacement Plan applies to diskettes, CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives as well as files (such as designs and fonts) that have been emailed to your company.

Please feel free to call (800) 736-7455 or use our online order form to take advantage of the protection plan.

Cost: $25.00 + 20% of the software lost, damaged or stolen + shipping & handling.
Invoice search for proof of purchase may apply - see details above.


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