Brick Stencils

Brick Stencils

We know that bricks are difficult. They're small. The letters are small. They take more time to organize, apply stencil, blast, and place than most people realize. And most brick projects are done for well-meaning organizations that are trying to raise much-needed money. Naturally, they expect a super cheap deal from you. So we understand where you're coming from.

Bricks are small, but each one can take as long to match fonts, space lettering, generate proofs, get approval, make revisions, finalize and cut as a marker. This surprises many people who only think of the small piece of rubber. Here is a guide to help you determine the cost of brick stencils. You will add the costs from 1 - 8 as shown below.

1. Rubber

8" x 4" brick 3 brick minimum (or $10.50 minimum) ($2.00/inch with an inch before, after and between bricks = 6" for a 4" brick)

2. Typing

Typing is charged by the hour. This simply depends on the number of characters we are required to type. It can be a dozen or thousands. You will need to let us know how much typing will be required. Or if you type them and submit them in an email or Word Document you can avoid this charge altogether. There is a $5 minimum - in case you need only 1 to 3 bricks.

3. Font Identification & Matching

If you require a font that we do not have in our system, we will spend time searching for a match, as well as purchasing and installing the font. There is a $25.00 minimum for font identication and matching.

4. Logos & Emblems

If we have a standard logo or emblem that fits your needs we can place it in your layout at no extra charge. It will only have to be properly positioned. (See #5 below.) If we are required to draw special emblems you will need to send us a photo or other image, and we will reply with an estimate for drawing it. Remember, at small sizes logos and emblems must be greatly simplified.

5. Layout & Positioning

Adjusting spacing between lines, as well as the length of lines takes time. We may be able to set up a template, or your order may require many different layouts. $12.70 minimum in the case of 1 to 3 bricks. We will need to see your proposed layout before we can give you a price.

6. Revisions

Revisions have a $5 minimum (in the case of one change). We will make the change, create a new proof, and send it back to you for your final approval. If several changes are made at one time you may only have a $5 charge. However, if there are many changes your charges will be higher.

7. Cutting

Cutters and blades don't last indefinitely. Rather than hiding the cost of our cutter's time in your lettering, artwork, or rubber, we charge $.05 per character with a 36 character minimum or $1.80.

8. Shipping & Handling

Depends on zone, weight and additional insurance if required. You may calculate an estimated shipping cost at . Stencil weight is approximately 1 pound per foot (30" wide). Insurance fees will add to the cost if applicable. Stencil is shipped via Priority Mail, which is usually a 2-3 day delivery. Here are some estimated examples:

$60.00 - 35 pounds (entire roll of stencil with insurance)

$40.50 - 12 pounds (with insurance)

$15.50 - 2 pounds (no additional insurance)

$10.50 - 8 1/2" x 11" Priority Mail Envolope

Given the information shown above the least a brick can cost is:

  1. $10.50 - Rubber
  2. $ n/a  - No Typing
  3. $ n/a  - No Font Identification Or Matching
  4. $ n/a  - No Custom Art For Emblems
  5. $10.00 - Layout
  6. $ n/a  - No Revisions
  7. $1.80  - Lettering (Avg. On 1 Brick)
  8. $10.50 - Shipping


           $32.80 - Minumum Total For 1 to 3 Bricks

Brick proofs not resulting in a stencil order within 30 days will be billed all costs except rubber and shipping. Proof cost is determined by adding 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 above.

If you would like us to calculate a price for you we will need the following information:

  1. How many bricks are there, and what size?
  2. Will we be typing?
  3. What font would you like?
  4. Example of any emblem we will need to draw for you, or identify one from our clip art.
  5. How many lines of text per brick?
  6. Revisions will be determined after we make changes for you.
  7. How many characters are there?
  8. Shipping will be estimated based on the size and number of bricks.


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