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For 40 years Design Mart has helped memorial counselors and manufacturers alike assist their clients in the creation of personal memorials. With more than 20 titles to choose from (scroll alphabetical listing to right), we offer a design series to fit virtually any cemetery requirement or budget.

How Speck Funeral Home Assists Clients With Monument Brochures, Catalogs and Online Catalogs

Speck Funeral Home assists families with many decisions at difficult times. Using monument sales brochures, catalogs and online services from Design Mart makes the job a little easier.


Speck's counselors work with brochures to give clients a basic selection of monuments. The brochures are often included in sales kits, or they may be given to clients in-person or they may be mailed to families who are not located nearby. Speck sent their attractive logo to Design Mart via email, and the job went straight to press.

Brochure Starter Kit

A $34.95 value, the Brochure Starter Kit contains a copy of every brochure we offer. If you decide to order 250 of one title, like an order of 250 Precious Memories, within 30 days of ordering a Brochure starter Kit, we will deduct $34.95 from your brochure order.


The next step for a counselor is to help clients with a larger catalog that shows small, medium and large stone dimensions as well as alternate carvings for customizing monuments without creating problems for monument manufacturers. Clients can easily identify carvings by number and substitute them for other carvings. Working 'by the numbers' saves time and keeps orders moving quickly - rather than waiting for the manufacturer to take a guess or two at what the client wants.

Online Catalog & Monument Designer

Speck also has a subscription to Design Mart's Online Catalog. For clients who have family members who live far away, Speck gives them a user name and password so they can browse all of the monument catalogs and even create their own personalized monuments online. Speck's company name appears on the top left of the screen so clients know exactly which web site they are visiting.

Brochure Prices

Titles Available: A Closer Walk, Business Card Catalogs*(see below), Child Art, Cremation, Eternal Life, Expressions of Love, Forever in Memory, Hold on to the Memory, In Remembrance, Journeys Remembered (D201-D276), Journeys Remembered (D221-D262 grass markers only), Life Everlasting, Loving Memories, Memories Etched in Stone, Memories Etched in Stone - Laser Edition, Moments in Time, Morning in Glory, Precious Memories, Reflections of Life, Seasons Cherished, Shrine of Memory, Thy Promise, Thy Victory, Ties That Bind, Tributes of Love, We Remember, While We Live, and Your Pet.

Brochure Prices apply to quantities of a particular title. For example 250 Precious Memories Brochures cost $224.00 These prices include volume discounts. Smaller quantities may be available at higher rates. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Questions? Please call (800)736-7455.

Brochure Starter Kit - Features nearly 1000 monuments. Contains one copy of each brochure listed above. $34.95 plus $10.79 shipping & handling.



$ 224 / base price

  • $ 49.00 - Imprinting
  • $ 28.00 - New or Changed Imprint Charge
  • $ 27.00 - US Shipping & Handling
  • $ 57.00 - CA Shipping & Handling



$ 398 / base price

  • $ 76.00 - Imprinting
  • $ 28.00 - New or changed Imprint Charge
  • $ 36.00 - US Shipping & Handling
  • $ 76.00 - CA Shipping & Handling



$ 740 / base price

  • $ 89.00 - Imprinting
  • $ 28.00 - New or Changed Imprint Charge
  • $ 65.00 - US Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)
  • $ 105.00 - CA Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)



$ 1298 / base price

  • $ 114.00 - Imprinting
  • $ 28.00 - New or Changed Imprint Charge
  • $ 105.00 - US Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)
  • $ 135.00 - CA Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)



$ 1766 / base price

  • $ 136.00 - Imprinting
  • $ 28.00 - New or changed Imprint Charge
  • $ 136.00 - US Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)
  • $ 186.00 - CA Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)



$ 2760 / base price

  • $ 160.00 - Imprinting
  • $ 28.00 - New or Changed Imprint Charge
  • $ 195.00 - US Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)
  • $ 276.00 - CA Shipping & Handling (may vary depending on location)

* Shipping costs shown do not include any Customs fees that may apply. Design Mart does not charge Customs fees, and all fees are the responsibility of the customer upon receipt.


imprint3*Imprinting: The stock imprint charge includes up to 4 lines of type (like the example shown here). If more than 4 lines are required add $3.00 per line. If logo is desired, apply an additional charge of $22.00. Black and white, camera/scan-ready art must be supplied by mail, or print-ready files may be submitted on diskette or via e-mail.

Book/Catalog, Notebook & Portfolio Prices

Books/Catalogs are 11" x 8 1/2" soft-cover glossy sales books featuring carving identification numbers, alternate sizes, monument identification numbers, table of contents, and a carving index.

Notebooks are 3-ring notebooks that contain glossy 11" x 8 1/2" prints in acetate sleeves.

Portfolios are twin-pocket portfolios that contain glossy 11" x 8 1/2" prints.

Please inquire for Canadian and other shipping & handling charges.

Shipping prices quantities apply to any combination of book titles.

Shipping & Handling (US Only - Please Inquire About Delivery Outside US or Express Delivery): 1-2 Books $10.79, 3-4 Books $12.68, 5-6 Books $14.50, 7-9 Books $16.75, 10-12 Books $18.75, 13-15 Books $22.25, Over 15 Please Inquire.

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Book/Catalog or PortfolioPrice (Each)
A Closer Walk Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Benches Portfolio $ 34.95
Child Art Portfolio $ 34.95
Cremation Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Crypt Portfolio $ 34.95
Eternal Life Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Expressions of Love Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Legacies in Stone Book/Catalog $ 34.95
First Impressions Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Forever in Memory Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Granite-Bronze Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Hold on to the Memory Book/Catalog $ 34.95
In Remembrance Book/Catalog $ 34.95

Journeys Remembered


Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Life Everlasting Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Loving Memories Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Memories Etched in Stone Book/Catalog $ 34.95

Memories Etched in Stone-

Laser Edition

Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Moments in Time Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Morning in Glory Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Precious Memories Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Thy Victory/Thy Promise Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Reflections of Life Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Seasons Cherished Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Singles Notebook $ 42.95
Ties That Bind Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Tributes of Love Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Visions Notebook $ 72.95
We Remember Book/Catalog $ 34.95
Your Pet Book/Catalog $ 34.95

Books & Brochures Warranty

All books and brochures are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. Please notify Design Mart immediately if there are problems with your order. If your package is damaged, you may refuse the shipment or file a damage claim with the carrier. If you need assistance filing a claim or tracking a package, please email us at or call (800) 736-7455.

Return Policy

All sales are final. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges. For book and brochure orders please check our web site for detailed information on our publications or call (800) 736-7455 if you have questions prior to ordering. Once an order has been paid for via check or credit card and shipped, it cannot not be canceled.


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