Custom Sandblast Art

Custom Sandblast Art

Design Mart's studio can match photos and rubbings of any stone for restoration or creating additional monuments for a family's cemetery space. In most cases our studio can work right on top of your photo for an exact match. For best results you'll want to shoot the monument straight on. Photos taken at an angle are distorted, and duplications can't be precise. Here are some examples of recent work from our studio.

Custom Sandblast Art Prices

Prices for custom artwork vary by job, so it is difficult to set prices before seeing what is needed. Custom art can be simple or very complex. For example, we might charge about $45 (our minimum custom artwork charge) for a small logo or emblem that isn't very detailed. The charge might be anywhere from $175 - $300 for something more complex, like a vehicle. Scenes typically cost $250 - $500/sq.ft.

These are just ideas of what a quote may come out to for a design. Every custom design is different and prices may vary. The easiest way to get an accurate quote on custom artwork is to send a picture to Be sure to include the size you will need the design to be. We'll respond with any questions we might have, send you a free quote, and get started once you approve the quote and give us the go ahead.

Color Renderings

Design Mart can also do color renderings to help assist with sales presentations. From small monuments and markers to larger projects, we may be able to help you turn your idea into a nice rendering that will help you land the job.

Nearly a year ago Design Mart was approached by Greater Atlanta Memorials about an entrance to Greenwood's city cemetery. The cost of the entrance would be donated, but the city required an accurate color rendering prior to approval. We took the measurements and photos provided by Greater Atlanta and developed CAD illustrations for initial approval. Next we created a scaled color rendering that was used for the final presentation. Nearly a year later we received a photo of the finished entrance. Nice job, Greater Atlanta!

Can We Do It Cheaper?

Any job can always be done cheaper, but we can't work that way.  Quality suffers, and we want the art you buy for your customers to be the best it can be.  There's a difference when a job is cheap.


Proof, Payment, & Other Policies

Custom artwork is very time consuming work, which requires talent and attention to detail.

1. Often, several sketches and revisions are made as photos and other artwork are converted from halftone photos or tiny images - resulting in a drawing which can be sandblasted.

2. Sketches are refined; inked, scanned, and cleaned on-screen; or digitized directly on-screen. The process is determined by the nature of the image submitted and the desired size of the sandblasted work. It's just as important that an artist knows what to remove from a small piece that can't support much detail, and what to add to a larger piece where more detail is possible.

3. All the steps mentioned above are integral to the creation of a piece of artwork. If we generate a proof, we have already gone through each of the steps above. At that point several people have spent many hours (sometimes days) bringing a drawing to a point where it is finished. So, a proof isn't possible. In order to show you or your customer what the work will look like, we actually have to do the work.

4. If revisions are required after a drawing is completed, we will have to charge for our artists' time.

5. You may see samples of our work on this page, as well as on our two Monument Clip Art pages Volume 1 and Volume 2. We'll be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Please email or call 800-736-7455, and we'll be glad to help.

6. As the creator of custom artwork Design Mart retains the rights to created images.  Time is sold on an hourly basis, but includes no copyrights associated with any images.  Copyright can always be transferred, and depending upon the nature of the work it may be in the best interest of the customer to inquire about the transfer of certain rights prior the purchase of studio time.  If no agreement is made, ownership lies with Design Mart.  To purchase exclusive rights to any artwork created please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working with you!


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